Productivity SA’s Workplace Challenge steering committee meeting held at Cape Metal Pressings’ new facility

Jul 8, 2014 4:30 pm

In January 2014 Cape Metal Pressings embarked on a two year program to aimed at improving our productivity in line with best practice methodology  worldwide. This program involves all the staff of Cape Metal Pressings and divides them up by different production areas like tool room, valving cell, component cell, stores and inspection.

Each area becomes a business unit responsible for the running of their own area under the supervision of the team leaders. At the start of each production day they hold a 8-10 minute meeting to discuss the requirements of the day. Each person in the team has a chance to lead the meeting. This is employee involvement at its best. Each area has an internal customer and supplier among the other areas and they must keep their internal customer happy while monitoring their supplier.

This has already proved its worth with many new ideas and developments.

Watch this space for future developments.

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