Stores & Shipping


Prompt and efficient

We operate our stores on a “Kanban” system for our major customers. We typically keep around two week’s stock on the Kanban shelves. When properly managed this helps greatly with our “On Time Delivery” which is very important to our customers. We also operate a “Milk Run” for high volume parts that are required daily by our customers. A visual stock holding system ensures that the stockholding on these parts is always accurate and up to date. We have a “First In First Out” policy in our stores and carry out a deterioration audit to further enhance our stores reliability.

Shipping is an important part of our operation as we ship parts to Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, USA, Poland, Sweden and Lesotho as well as locally in South Africa. Packaging and protection of our customers goods can be as important as producing them. Orders that may be 6-8 weeks lead time for shipping from door to door need to be protected from deterioration while in transit.

Storage and shipping is just one  part of the whole package offered at Cape Metal Pressings and by looking after every detail of our service to our customer it helps to keep our customers coming back to us time after time.