Designed, tooled and pressed

Cape Metal Pressings produces a wide range of metal pressings in many different materials including different grades of mild steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminium and plastic. Due to our high volumes most of our products on are produced on progression tools.

All our pressings are inspected at first off stage and at regular intervals during the production run. Last offs are also inspected to see if the tool should be placed back on the tool rack or delivered to the tool room for regrinding or other maintenance work. Properly maintained tools are a pre-requisite for precision metal pressings and trouble free production

We are also equipped to do further operations such as:

  • Rotary Vibration Finishing
    Which gives the parts a better finish and removes sharp edges
  • Projection Welding up to 250 kva
    Used to fix other steel parts together on to the components
  • Nut Welding up to 100 kva
    Used to fix various nut sizes to the components
  • Riveting and assembly work

Zinc plating, yellow passivation, galvanising, hot dip galvanising and powder coating are sub contracted to local accredited suppliers.

At Cape Metal pressings we are proud of our record of 100% On Time Delivery and Zero PPM (defects) to our major customer. We are equally proud of our glowing Customer Reports from all our other major customers.